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Where Can I buy Resident Permit Online ?

It might not be easy to have a new residence permit , Immigration Service may be very busy , and it may take from one to four months to process your application .

Please Note, All Foreigners going to another country for a stay or whatever reason needs a residence permit for their stay in that country for the period of time and once the permit is expire, you have the right to renew it. You can apply for a permanent residence permit if you want to settle in the respective country .

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How to quickly get a Greek residence permit: Golden Visa for investment

Under the Golden Visa programme in Greece, foreign nationals may obtain a Greek residence permit by investing in national real estate. The residence permit offers its holders many benefits: the ability to visit Greece even during travel restrictions and to travel across countries without a visa, indefinite residence in Greece and the right to obtain European citizenship in the future

The Greek Golden Visa offers one of the most favourable terms to foreign investors among similar European programmes. Most importantly, it requires a smaller amount of investment than other European programmes. BUY A RESIDENT PERMIT FOR ANY COUNTRY NOW! 

Why is the Greek Golden Visa most advantageous?

Similar programmes are offered by various European countries, like Spain, Portugal, Latvia or Malta, but the conditions there are more stringent. Somewhere, the minimum investment threshold is noticeably higher, and somewhere it is much more expensive per square metre. We believe that the European residence permit is

more profitable to obtain in Greece for the following reasons:

A small amount of investment
To participate in a programme, you have to buy a property for €250,000, which is the smallest amount among the European countries. For example, the minimum amount required in Spain is €500,000, and in Malta, it is €330,000. In Greece, however, you can purchase several houses, flats or commercial properties for this sum.

Affordable property
Greece boasts relatively low prices on European property. While property in Athens is priced at around €1,700/m², prices in Madrid start at €3,000/m² and in Malta Valletta at €5,000/m² (according to Numbeo).