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If you will be studying or working in Belgium, you may want to get a Belgian driver’s license while you are there. If you have a foreign license, you may be able to exchange it for a Belgian one, or you may need to pass a theory and driving test. Being well informed about your options is the key to saving time and money when it comes to getting your driver’s license in Belgium.


Belgium Driving Licence Online

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  • The Belgian government announced changes to the conditions for qualifying for a Belgian driver’s license. These are expected to become operational by 1 October 2017. Changes include a nine-month driving requirement (instead of three months) for new drivers before they can take the official test.
  • The test will also cover more maneuvers and GPS skills. Drivers who want to train learners privately, such as parents, will only be able after taking a course; either a three-course at a private driving school or a course from an independent instructor. As a result of the rules becoming stricter, driving centers have reported an increase in requests for Belgian licenses.
  • Starting in 2017, Brussels will impose a ban on translators in driving license tests. Instead, pre-recorded translations will be available for all questions in the most frequently spoken languages, such as English, German, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, and Italian.

The main categories of Belgian driver’s licenses include:

  • AM: scooters/mopeds
  • A1/A2: motorcycles
  • B: cars
  • C/D: trucks/buses and coaches
  • G: agricultural vehicles
  • A3: scooters/mopeds
  • A: motorcycles
  • B: cars
  • G: agricultural vehicles
  • A – motorcycles and mopeds (Driving Licence categories AM, A1, A2, A),
  • B – cars, tractors, and work vehicles (Driving Licence categories B, BE, W)
  • C – vans and trucks over 3,500kg (Driving Licence categories C, C1, CE, C1E)
  • D – buses (Driving Licence categories D, D1, DE, D1E)
  • CD – trucks and buses (Driving Licence categories C, C1, CE, C1E, D, D1, DE, D1E)
  • TMT – truck module (must have passed D test)
  • BMT – bus module (must have passed C test)

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