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Buy Chilean passport online: Chilean passports are issued to citizens of Chile to facilitate international travel. Chilean passports are valid for worldwide travel and facilitate the access to consular services whilst abroad. They are issued by the Registro Civil e Identificación.

Citizens of Chile do not need a passport when traveling to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. For these countries, they may use just their National ID cards called Cédula de Identidad.

Chilean passports are valid for a period of 10 years (since 1 February 2020) from the date of issue, and the validity may not be extended. Since the introduction of machine-readable passports, family passports are no longer issued.

Since September 2013, new biometric passports are being issued. The redesign was part of a program organized by the Ministry of Justice, where Chileans chose the passport’s graphic identity and symbols through an online poll in 2012.

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Buy Chilean passport online: All passports are issued exclusively by the Registro Civil e Identificación. Within Chile, passport applications are made in person at most offices of the Registro Civil e Identificación. For applicants outside Chile, applications are accepted by all Consulate Generals. A photograph and fingerprints of the applicant are taken on site, as well as a fingerprint of the right thumb if the applicant also requires an Identity Card, Cédula de Identidad.

Passports applications in Chile have a turn-around time of 7 business days and must be picked up at the office where the application was made, unless the applicant requires the passport to be delivered for pick-up in Santiago. The expected time of delivery for passport applications made outside Chile is of about 6 weeks, unless the applicant requires an expedite service for an additional cost.

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