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Buy Danish Driver’s License online. We process Scannable and Database Registered Danish Driver’s License with all the security features and biometrics.


Buy Driving License of Denmark

Buy Danish Driver’s License online. We process Scannable and Database Registered Danish Driver’s License with all the security features and biometrics. Buy Danish Driver’s License online.

Here you can read about which driving licences are valid in Denmark, how you can obtain and renew a driving licence in Denmark, and how you can exchange a foreign driving licence for a Danish one.

You must have a valid driving licence to drive a car, van, lorry, bus, moped or motorcycle in Denmark. You also need a driving licence to drive with a large trailer. If you are 15, 16 or 17 years of age, you must have a driving licence to drive a small moped. Buy Driving License of Denmark

Danish driving licences

What kinds of driving licences are there?

Danish driving licences are divided into various categories:

  • Moped: small (LK), large (AM)
  • Motorcycle: small (A1), medium (A2), large (A)
  • Car: ordinary (B)
  • Lorry: van (C1), lorry (C)
  • Bus: small (D1), large (D)
  • Trailer: large (E)
  • A vehicle with trailer: normal car (B/E), van (C1/E), lorry (C/E), small bus (D1/E), large bus (D/E)

What requirements do you need to meet to get a driving licence?

If you have not had a driving licence before, or if you wish to extend your licence to a new category, you must take a course of driving lessons for the licence category you want, given by an approved driving instructor. You must also pass a driving test (a theory test and a practical test). In order to obtain a driving licence in Denmark, you must also be registered in the Danish national register (Folkeregistret). Buy Driving License of Denmark

In addition to a declaration of consent, you will need the following when you apply for a driving licence:

  • A lifelike photo
  • Your passport or other ID
  • A doctor’s certificate
  • A course certificate for traffic-related first aid
  • A residence permit, if you are not a Danish or Nordic national and cannot be legally resident in Denmark without a permit.

The municipality may ask you to provide additional documentation, for example, if the municipality considers it necessary for you to prove that you are resident in Denmark.

You can find driving schools at Dansk Kørerlærer-Union:

When can you get a driving licence for an ordinary car?

You can start taking driving lessons for an ordinary car at age 17 years and 9 months, but you cannot obtain a licence until you are 18. On 1 January 2017, a new experimental scheme came into force that allows you to get a driving licence at age 17 under special rules.

The various categories of driving licences have different periods of validity.

  • Driving licences for ordinary cars, mopeds and motorcycles are generally valid for 15 years at a time. However, the period may be shorter if there are health reasons for this.
  • Driving licences for vans, lorries and buses are generally valid for five years at a time.

Driving licences issued before 2013 are valid until the date indicated on the card.

Can you use your Danish driving licence abroad?

Your normal driving licence is sufficient throughout the Nordic countries, the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

If you are staying in a country outside the EU or EEA, you may need an international driving licence. You can contact the embassy of the country to which you are travelling for more information. Please note that you may need several international driving licences if you will be driving in several countries on the same trip.

If you move to another Nordic country and have a Danish driving licence, it is usually necessary to exchange your Danish driving licence for one issued in your new country of residence before the Danish licence expires.

Can you use your foreign driving licence in Denmark?

You can generally use valid driving licences in Denmark if they have been issued in a Nordic country, an EU country, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or the Faroe Islands. Special rules apply to Greenlandic driving licences.

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