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The person applying for the identity card must always be present in person when an application is submitted at a police licence services point. This applies when an electronic application requires a visit to a police licence services point for identification purposes and when the entire application is made at a police licence services point.

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Buy Finland ID Card Online. An identity card is a document with a photo that is issued to prove the identity of a Finnish citizen or a foreigner who is permanently resident in Finland. An identity card issued to a Finnish citizen is also a limited travel document, in compliance with the provisions pursuant to the Passport Act. In addition to this, the identity card has a chip that enables access to electronic services. Buy Finland ID Card

You can apply for an identity card either online or by visiting a police service point in person.

You can only travel with a valid personal identity card. This applies to children as well. An expired, broken or damaged identity card will not get you through border control. Buy Finland ID Card

If you are planning on using an identity card as a travel document, you should check the validity of the card well in advance, as well as what requirements your destination country has for identity cards. Buy Finland ID Card

What is the Finnish ID card?

The Finnish ID card is an identity card with an electronic chip that keeps your personal identity and guarantees its authenticity. Besides its obvious function as an identity document, the card is also a prerequisite to access some services and can serve as a travel document. It can be used as a travel document to enter most European countries without a visa for a determined period of time. The chip can also be used for some online services. Buy Finland ID Card

Who is eligible for a Finnish ID card

While ID cards are usually a requirement for adult citizens, all Finnish citizens are eligible to apply, including minors, who can use the card as a travel document. Foreigners who permanently reside in Finland may also apply. Buy Finland ID Card

How to apply

You can apply for the ID card online and offline. The Finnish authorities recommend that you apply online as it is more convenient and costs less.

Buy original Finnish National ID card online. The Finnish identity card (Finnish: henkilökortti / Swedish: identitetskort) is one of two official identity documents in Finland, the other being the Finnish passport. Any citizen or resident can get an identification card. Finnish citizens will get an indication of citizenship on the card. Buy Finland ID Card

It is available as an electronic ID card (Finnish: sähköinen henkilökortti; Swedish: elektroniskt identitetskort), which enables logging into certain services on the Internet, local computers or adding digital signatures into LibreOffice ODF documents or creating DigiDoc formatted containers that also allows encryption during content transfer. The identity card can be used inside Finland and when traveling to another European country. Buy Finland ID Card Online.

However, due to Finnish regulations, direct outbound travel from Finland to non-EU/EFTA countries requires a passport.

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